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I AM Water

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Why Water💦?

Some have asked why I place the💦 symbol in my social media posts. Curious? Keep reading.

Well, on Oct 1, 2020, God shared these words with me (UnClogged Conduit, page 4):

" When I blew My breath into each of you, I seeded myself throughout the earth. Some of Me is locked inside of each of you.

You call it Purpose. Neysa, I send you for My purpose. Breathe on them again!

Rekindle the purpose ( the Me that I initially placed inside of them)."


Everything that I do...

My Books, Inspirational Quotes, Courses, and Coaching, are all to rekindle, ignite, plainly elucidate, and draw out what is locked inside of those I engage.

Some plant, Some water, and God gives the increase.

I am very clear on my assignment...

I am Water💦

Water is perhaps the “clearest” substance on earth. All life depends on its refreshing, rejuvenating, sustaining nature. Likewise, Clarity ( of goals, dreams, aspirations, and vision) breathes life into us!

Let’s Get Clear! It’s a journey well worth the effort.

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