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I come across so many non-profits and Creatives with great ideas-- but who are Greatly Frustrated.

Here’s how the conversation goes:

Oh, Neysa, you are a grantwriter? I need a grant. I hear there is a lot of free money out there. Can you write one for me?

My response:

Can I write a grant ? Sure - I’ve written hundreds.

Can I win a grant? - Absolutely- my portfolio is over $20 million.

The real question is-

Are you Grant - Ready?

Most think hiring a grant consultant is the solution.

However, there is a vital “pre-step” that makes all of the difference.

The missing link is becoming “Grant -Ready”.

That is my passion. I work with you to build this vital Foundation.

Once this foundation is laid, you are ready to successfully work with a skilled grant consultant and see results, versus frustration.

Free Playbook

Grant Writing Made Easy!

Grantwriting can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! My passion is to de-mystify the process. I love giving beginners the expert's clarity!

Download your free copy below:

Ready to Accelerate the Process? Step 1:

This Playbook is the" Missing Link" to getting your organization "Ready" to receive!   Download your copy  for  $24.99

Step 2:

Grant Writing 101: Playbook

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Funders, Writing Winning Proposals, and Tracking Awards


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